Local weather

Puglia has a typically mediterranean climate: the seafront and lowland areas have dry summers that are windy and warm with winters that are mildly cold. Rainfall, concentrated in late Autumn and Winter, is scarce and most likely in the lowlands; while highlands of Murgia have frequent snowfall with the effect of cold Eastern winds. The region's capital, Bari, located on the low coastline of the Adriatic Sea, is often windy.

the Barese dialect was born and modified during the countless foreign occupations that Bari has suffered from. Barese dialect is filled with different inflections and peculiarities which are not easily understood by many Italians.

the prefix to call an Italian number is +39.

the currency in Italy is Euro.

the five large public hospitals are: Policlinico in Picone district, San Paolo hospital in San Paolo district, Di Venere Hospital in Carbonara District, Mater Dei Hospital, and the Pediatric Hospital Giovanni XXIII both located in San Pasquale district, adjacent to Amendola Street. In case you need medical care check this link https://www.sanita.puglia.it/web/asl-bari/continuita-assistenziale for the closest emergency doctor service.

112: Carabinieri
113: Police
115: Fire Department
117: Financial Police
118: First Aid

Is an Italian Identification Document with your personal information (birth place, birth date, etc..). Erasmus students do NOT need to have this before signing a contract with the landlord, it is enough to sign the apartment contract first (all landlords usually give you time to get your fiscal code).
In order to get it, it's necessary to go to "Agenzia delle entrate", an office where you will apply and, get this ID "number" for FREE. You just need to get there with your D.N.I and fill the application

In Italy, cigarettes are sold in tobacco shops (authorized cigarette sellers), recognizable by the letter "T" at their entrance. Since we are not in California or the Netherlands, cannabis containing THC is illegal, however it is possible to buy cannabis (containing only CBD) from legal distributors around the city.

Apulia Taxi: 080 534 6666 - www.baritaxi.it
Nuova CO.TA.BA.: 080 554 3333 - www.taxibari.it
AMTAB s.p.a: 080 539 3111 - www.amtab.it
GirAci car-sharing: 800.604.171 - www.giraci.com

You have to go to the nearest police station and report.